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If you are a WordPress user who uses hosted WordPress and not the free version, click the link above and switch your hosting over now!

If you have been following my blog, you know my blog woes. I have rebuilt this very blog 4 times now… Three times on Dreamhost (you get what you pay for) and once on AWS. Dreamhost is beyond slow. Even after considering switching over to a VPS and having my RAM increased (thanks Effy!). Just slow. And each time I put in a support ticket about the slowness, it miraculously gets slower. I guess it’s their way of “upselling.” Yeah. Well, they upsold me right away from them to another host.

AWS… Love, love love! But it’s a huge learning curve… Speedy loading, server redundacy, scalability as my website grows. Yeah. The Bees Knees. But they made a HUGE mistake which cost me my website. They deleted my DNS records and my server. What they restored when I screamed was a version of my website that was stripped of its theme and all the tweaks I had made. Needless to say, I could rebuild it. But I wasn’t rebuilding it again on a web host that made such a huge mistake and would not admit to it. And that’s really my problem with them…

We’re all human. We all make mistakes. But they continued to attempt to make excuses and try to point the problem to something I did. Well, I can’t prevent access to my own account on their servers by logging myself out automatically 30 seconds after I log in. That’s what was happening after they made their mistake. I can’t take myself off their server, and that’s what I’m logging into when trying to access my account (not my servers).

When they did that, I had no choice but to rebuild my website. That’s when I went back to Dreamhost and considered beefing up my services. Unfortunately after I asked about more RAM and was told to move to VPS, my site got even slower. So I hit Google and started looking for cloud hosts. My experience with Dreamhost’s slow web servers taught me I needed to move to the cloud (hence my looking into upgrading services with Dreamhost). I am happy to say that my research led me to Cloudways. And I am VERY happy now!

Cloudways offers 24×7 technical support. And it’s FREE — not an add-on for more money. Support is via a chat window and it is immediate response. The techs are professional and knowledgeable. They have always provided me with first contact resolution… They technically are a “go between” between you the customer and other cloud host providers (e.g., Digital Ocean and SiteGround); but going through Cloudways offers you discounted prices over what you are charged going straight to the source.

The other added benefit is that you are getting Cloudways‘ A1 support, and that is priceless.

I’m sure the direct sources provide tech support as well. Whether or not it’s at extra cost and if it is as good as Cloudways support, that I don’t know. But I know what I have here and there’s no need for me to look further. They offer a free migration of one website when you sign up. Guess what website I’m migrating??? LOL Yeah, I’m not rebuilding this puppy again if I can absolutely help it!

I know I sound like an advertisement for Cloudways, and technically I am. All links in this post, including the banner at the top, are affiliate links. That’s how satisfied I am with Cloudways. So-much-so that I’ve written a review/advertisement for my new cloud hosting company. If you choose to use one of the links in this post and then become a Cloudways customer, I will earn a few bucks for sending you their way.

That doesn’t mean your costs will be higher.

My referral bonus comes out of Cloudways‘ bottom line — which they pay without raising your price. So I would really appreciate it if you use one of my links if you are looking to upgrade your hosting. It helps me to defray the cost of this website, which will soon be chock full of free mixed media videos and tutorials. But I have to build it one day at a time and not have to keep rebuilding the site itself…

Stick with me here on my blog and your use of my affiliate link will pay off many many many many fold. Thank you in advance. And a HUGE thank you to Cloudways for providing exceptional services and customer service and technical support. I plan to be your customer for a VERY long time…

OH! Did I mention I built a WordPress Multisite in a few hours with their tech support help on a Cloudways server I added to my account? More on that to come…


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