[Reminder] 100 Days of heART Cards Kicks Off on the 12th!!!




100 Days of heART Cards is my inspirational burst of creativity for me and for you! It is a FREE workshop that I’m holding in Wysdom’s Web — my free online community right here. You can register for the community by clicking on “Wysdom’s Web” in the menu bar above.

100 Days of heART Cards is a simple workshop where I will create and share with you heART Cards that I make. heART Cards are postcard-sized art cards that have an inspirational message on the front and leaves space on the back for you to write a note by hand.

This is the important part! (writing by hand…)

The art of writing has been lost with the advent of the computer and smartphones. They don’t even teach penmanship in schools anymore. We type, we text, we SnapChat, we Instagram, but no longer do we sit down to write a letter nor a simple note. 100 Days of heART Cards is here to change that!

It’s no secret that I’m an author. So, it’s no secret that I love to write. I type about 100 words a minute, so typing is much faster for me; but writing with my own hand is my true love. There is nothing more satisfying than the feel of a good ink pen gliding across some good writing paper. Writing by hand helps to quiet your mind. You can’t think about too much while you are thinking about what your are writing AND using the mental capacity to form the letters on the page…

The whole gist of 100 Days of heART Cards is not only to get your creative juices flowing, but it is also to get you WRITING again! And what better time of year to kick off a writing project than write before the holidays (pun intended)??? You get to create beautiful heART Cards that you can send off to your friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season instead of store bought holiday cards. Won’t they treasure what you’ve made with your own hands more than a store bought item? I know my peeps do!!

Join me in the 100 Days of heART Cards group today. We kick off our 100 days on Saturday, November 12th!

4 Replies to “[Reminder] 100 Days of heART Cards Kicks Off on the 12th!!!”

  1. I love this idea so much!
    The art of penmanship is dying and it makes me sad.

    I can remember being in the 6th grade and we were taking notes. A LOT of notes, in cursive. I had asked the teacher one day if we could work in our penmanship books. She looked at me like I had lost my mind since we had been basically writing in notebooks copying from the black board all day. What she did not understand was that I felt like copying was work and tiring. But working in our penmanship books to me was like art, it was more relaxed. I can’t say my classmates felt the same. In the end she said no.
    I tried to carry it on to my girls but they just were not as fond of penmanship as I was.

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