[NaNoBlogMo:10] Still Chugging Along

It’s Day 10 of NaNoBlogMo and I am still chugging along with my newly found Snowflake Method.

The last we spoke, I was in the throws of condensing a 27 sentence paragraph down to a 5 sentence paragraph. Well — I’m still working on it! LOL Working in this manner is causing my word count to suffer, but it is eliminating at least one full round of edits. The Snowflake Method is causing me to cut the fluff from the start which will in turn lead to lesser editing when the manuscript is finished being written.

But I still feel like I’m being successful with NaNoBlogMo…

No, I am not necessarily writing 1,667 words a day — at least not on the blog! And I’m not doing my usual write! write! write! just to get 50,000 words down by the end of the month. That hasn’t worked in the several attempts that I have made at NaNoWriMo, so I shouldn’t think it would work this year either. I start to feel like I’m writing garbage when I’m simply writing to meet a word count rather than writing to write, and then I simply stop writing.

I don’t want to write garbage, even if I’m going to come back and make it great. Why start with garbage?

It’s hard enough to write a book. Barreling through 50,000 words in 30 days to meet a word count without consideration of the matter which is being penned is counter intuitive. Lots and lots of people can do it and are successful. Some even manage not to write fluff and junk that needs major editing revisions. But I know me… I know that I would simply write to make it to the golden 1,667 words for that day. I’ve done it before.

But not this year…

This year, I’m going to write for the sake of getting the book out. Not for the sake of meeting a word count and getting a “prize.” The real prize is a well written book at the end of my labor — not 50,000 poorly written words that will basically have to be re-written. I love NaNoWriMo and now that I’m doing NaNoBlogMo and it has evolved into something more than what I originally thought to do with it, I am loving it even more. I have decided to write inspiring and encouraging blog posts for the 30 days of NaNoBlogMo rather than writing my book on the blog.

Of course you will see snippets and larger chunks of the manuscript I’m writing! It will all be a part of my inspiration to others to get and keep writing. But I’m not rushing through my manuscript to get to 50,000 words on the page by November 30th and then re-writing it from scratch because what I’ve written over those 30 days is pretty trashy writing. I would rather explain how I’m using the Snowflake Method, give encouragement to other writers, share my funny stories about writing and my woes than slap sloppily written prose up on the blog to say I made my 1,667 words for that day.

That ain’t happening here…

But I will be a cheerleader for all who are attempting NaNoBlogMo and/or NaNoWriMo. There’s also NaNoPoMo for those poets out there who write one poem a day for the 30 days of November as their “NaNo” attempt. I support all the NaNoNites in the world (lovingly referred to as “Wrimos” on the NaNoWriMo website). Whatever your flavor of NaNoWriMo is this year or beyond, I will be here cheering you (and myself) on to the finish line!

So… What have you written today?

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  1. I am still chugging and plugging and at moments struggling. But I guess the point is that it is day 10 and I have written EVERY DAY! Still being a Rebel and proud of it, because I am writing. Not written today yet, but my 9 day total is just a tad over goal at 15095.
    I know I am not writing great stuff for the fiction because I still do not know what these characters want or where the story is going. Unusual for me, but interesting at the same time. I am literally making this up as I go along.
    My word count between the blog and writing is almost 50-50 which I find interesting. Thanks for offering this challenge this month. Looking forward to hearing more about how you are using the Snowflake Method.

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