[Musings] Focus…

I have none. LOL

There are so many things I want to do. So many directions to go in… Do I combine my passion for writing with my passion for art on the same website/blog? Or do I do separate ones? Do I follow my heart and make all my offerings “pay what you want” because my calling is to share these tools, my desire is to answer my calling, and my reality is monetary abundance is not my focus but necessary to achieve my goal to answer my calling?

I have 100 Days of heART Cards going on in the Wysdom’s Web community, Gratitude Journaling coming on January 1st (free year long offering), and a host of ideas floating around in my brain that all want to be birthed right now, which I already know is unrealistic… It is a challenge to keep up with everything now. And let’s not forget I am writing another book too… But the ideas keep coming and keep clamoring to be brought to life.

How do I manage it all?

I refuse to squelch any idea that wants to be birthed from me. Back burner it until a  time when it can thrive, yes. Dismiss it because “I do too much” is not an option! I am a pantser in life, not just in writing. I guess this need to birth all these things is telling me that I need to plan. At least somewhat… And my plan starts with this blog and website. I need to focus. I need to make it cohesive. I need to make it more me…

I am also battling with recovering from a recent surgery. I could be deterred, but y’all know me better by now. How many times did I have to rebuild my website until I found a stable host? Cloudways is my cloud host “savior” and that is an affiliate link to help me continue to afford to offer workshops for free. It’s a give-and-take: either I have to charge for workshops or I have to ask for donations and use quality affiliate programs to raise money to defray the costs associated with hosting this website, blog, and the workshops that are offered free of charge. So here is where I ask you to please donate using my Tip Jar in the sidebar or by using my affiliate links within my posts or in the sidebar.

The other way you can support me is by purchasing from my Boutique. For now, I have some handmade gifts that would be perfect for the holidays. Also think about your decor for the holidays. I will be uploading some beautiful candle holders for the Autumn and holiday season with Fall colors and holiday themes.  Thank you in advance for your support and for your continued support. Simply reading my blog is amazing support that I cannot thank you for enough. But as Snoop Dogg would say:

But back to the lecture at hand…

See, no focus! LOL This blog post is supposed to be about gaining focus. I have veered off into raising funds to keep the website going and the classes and workshops free… But I guess that too is a part of gaining focus. It is helping me to gain focus about the direction for this blog. And I think I’m liking what is coming. Writing always does that for me. It gives me Divine Downloads and answers many many of my questions. Blogging is writing and now the ideas are coming.

As the footnote on the website says, this is where I come to hang out and Be me authentically. I don’t want this blog to become some sterile “business blog” that doesn’t show my vulnerable side. I don’t want it to look like some “got it all together coach” whose life is the perfect example of how her coaching can make your life. None of that is authentic and authenticity is necessary in order for me to Be. I don’t want folks coming here and feeling “sold to” — I hate going to read someone’s blog and the whole time I’m there I feel like they are just selling their services. I love those blogs where I can go and read about the person behind the words, their authentic life — woes and worries and all. And if they happen to have some wares or services to sell, then I get to peruse those too.

I’m not saying my blog will never speak of or showcase the products and services I offer. What’s the use in having a website if you aren’t advertising? But my space will never be “sales-y”. A pop-up when you first come inviting you to join my Newsletter mailing list. Sidebar that has advertisements for myself and others. A mention or two here or there of the Boutique or Class Offerings. Blog posts about writing, and mixed media, and using art + writing as a tool for healing Self… But I want the posts to be genuine. Clunky and unpolished. Babbling and excited. Melancholy and depressing. Whatever my emotion, my state of mind, where I am at in the moment in which I begin to pen the post is what I want to come through in my writing here.

I have a great role model. Effy Wild. I love her blog and her posts. She’s raw and open and authentic. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Effy doesn’t hold back what she really wants to say even though her space is also her business. She is authentic through and through and always so. That’s what I want to be when I grow up! LOL Someone who doesn’t “cow down” to societal and/or business “rules”.  Her blog and website is truly hers, not some “business appropriate” place that follows all the rules of those who have “made it” and are now reaching back to help the little guys.

Fuck that shit.

And I refuse to be molded and guided by those principles either. Effy is my inspiration. She is showing me that I can let my hair down and still have a thriving blog and website. I. Can. Be. Me. Those who like my style, my flair, my unabashed honesty will come. Those who don’t like those things won’t. It’s as simple as that. I am not doing any market research to find out how to attract my ideal people to me. I am going to attract my tribe simply by Be-ing me. The whole “build it and they will come” principle in play. I have no timeline in which to have X number of subscribers (I don’t like the term “followers”). I have no target number of  subscribers that I would like to have by a certain date.

What I have is a calling to share art + words as well as art and writing as tools to become a better You. Tools to heal Self. Tools which will lead you to your purpose and then those same tools will show you how to Walk in Your Purpose, With Purpose. I don’t pretend to be some mega coach with mega clients and mega money. Can’t say that is even a desired end result for me. I desire to help women heal themselves and stop sitting by silently suffering alone.

I keep flailing in the wind… Getting caught by shiny objects that are supposed to make me a better me or my blog a better blog. I keep getting caught up in taking someone else’s paid course to tell me how to be a better blogger or how to attract clients. I spend so much time “in class” that I hardly have time to offer the classes that I want to offer.

But no mas…

I am giving myself that last few weeks of 2017 to gain focus on my direction with this website and blog. You will see it start to shape up in the posts that begin coming through the end of the year. It’s all the framework for how the blog will show up in 2018 and beyond. My goal is to get clear on where I’m going with this space on the interwebs and stop jumping from pillar to post in what I’m doing here. If you’re looking for writing prompts and tips/tricks, mixed media and visual journaling fun, great art projects that can be given as gifts or for home decor, then this is the space to hang out in.

2018 is upon us. This year I am ready. I am clear on what my calling is. I have a direction. And now, I have focus…

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  1. Focus? What’s that? I don’t seem to have much of it either. Did I ever really have any? LOL, I don’t even know. When I am writing I want to be making art. When I am making art, I want to be doing something else. My “to read” pile is growing. And yesterday I started digging out a forgotten crochet project that I want to work on again. Today we went to a craft show of sorts with all hand made and repurposed items and all we could think was OH WE CAN MAKE SOME (fill in the blanks). I really need to find some focus too. If you should come across some extra, send it my way 😀

    1. LOL Lisa! You dug out a forgotten crochet project and I was surfing Ravelry yesterday for a new knitting project to do! Something about Creatives and focus that do not go hand-in-hand! The mind is always thinking of the next thing or what I could be doing instead of what I’m doing in that moment. Time to FOCUS and be PRESENT! One day at a time, one thing at a time… We’ll work on focus together!

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