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Welcome to Wysdom’s Web Online Community!

Wysdom’s Web is my online space to share and be in community with you. I don’t want to just talk “at” you through blog posts and Boutique promotions. I want to interact with you in community too. So, I’ve been pulling my hair out since I started building this website to figure out a way to bring community here too.

Well, by George, I think I’ve got it! LOL

I started with BuddyPress, the plugin that’s all the rage for community building on a WordPress site. Couldn’t figure it out… It installed. It showed up. There was no way to interact other than via individual member blog posts — and that part of it wasn’t working. I kept reading about bbPress, but the screenshots didn’t appear to be what I was looking for.  I installed ProfileGrid only to find out I had to pay $60 to install extensions that would enable me to create groups and allow members to post. I’ve looked at so many plugins that I’m cross-eyed!

The Forum plugin by Asgaros is what I settled on…

It is a simple forum plugin that allows everything I wanted: the ability to create “groups” and the ability for members to easily share and post. The other requirement was the ability to post pictures. I am an artist after all and I share visual journaling pages, home decor projects, and other items that need a visual representation. I also wanted my community members — affectionately known as “Webbers” — to be able to post their pictures too. This forum plugin seems to offer those 3 simple needs:

  • Groups are simply created by creating different categories and forums.
  • It’s a forum, so members are inherently able to post.
  • Pictures can be uploaded.

That’s all I needed to have community and I didn’t want to have a separate website just to have a community when my website, blog, and boutique are all located right here at this one URL. And now, I also have a community right here too!!!

Obviously there’s not much in the community right now. I just today figured out that this forum plugin was the Bee’s Knees and the one I would be using. I’ve started creating the framework for how things will be setup in the community, and you can see that start when you login. Yes — you have to be a registered member of this website to see the Community. But just like everything in the Community, registration is free!

I am getting excited about how things are coming together! Just having a solution is causing an exponential amount of new ideas for community building to come! Wasn’t my last post just about focus and my lack thereof??? LOL Lawd! What have I done to myself now that I’ve figured out my community technology?!?!?

But I shall remain focused

Focused on building this website, blog, and community to the best of my ability! Focused on answering my calling and sharing the tools of art + words with you. Focused on continuing to offer things which are free and accessible to all because not everyone can afford the latest and greatest class, even if it’s only $99… In this economy, $99 is a LOT of money when it is going to be spent on something that is not a necessity.

I have a calling. I am certain it is not ego calling, but my Divine calling. I have absolutely no desire to “get rich quick” or even get rich at all from this endeavor. Creating financial abundance is certainly a goal, but not the main goal. It is not the focus… My focus is sharing the tools of intentional creativity, intuitive painting, intuitive symbology, crystal alchemy, gratitude giving, and writing with all.

The Divine created me as a helper, and that is why this Community was created — as a resource to help others.

So WELCOME! Come in, look around, and interact with me and the others in the community who will come. Don’t wait or hesitate to join because you’re one of the first to do so and the community isn’t yet active. Be bold, be brave, and dive in! Be the one who helps to get the community rocking and rolling. It is a space to share as much or as little of you as you care to share. Let’s make this FREE resource an AWESOME resource for likeminded individuals:

  • Creatives, artsy-fartsies, and hobbyists.
  • Those seeking a way to heal themselves.*
  • Those building their creative spiritual practices.
  • Folks who just like hanging out with good natured folk…

Everyone is welcome.

We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. The only people not welcome are those who do discriminate against folks for one reason or another… Even if our opinions do not match, we agree to disagree and live on in harmony. We don’t have to agree on everything to coexist. But in the Wysdom’s Web Community, Webbers agree to coexist despite disagreeing thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. We also know that, unless asked, we keep our opinions to ourselves. We witness each other with love and encouragement, not by giving our own opinions of the person’s circumstances which may serve to further confuse and hold back the individual.

Ase’. And so it is.

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