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No, not me. My blog!

I have been busily building another website. No — not re-building my website; but building a new website for my husband’s Internet radio station, BUSS Radio. His old website was 5+ years old and pretty “static.” It also was built on Ning with the intention of having an interactive community. However, WordPress and their plugins have come a long way in enabling WordPress to be an interactive, “community” website so I opted to move it to WordPress (hosted). Ning’s technology doesn’t offer the same “dynamic look and feel” that I get when I’m building in WordPress. Besides —

That move also saved his business $13 a month…

Might not seem like a lot of money, but over the course of a year he’ll save $156 and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Those dollars can go into other overhead expenses. Every little bit helps! Shifting that $156 to another area, say the streaming license fees — BUSS Radio is a fully licensed, commercial radio station — saves the company overall. By “fully licensed” I mean BUSS Radio pays royalties to artists who are registered with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and/or SoundExchange.

Yes, we can and do spin today’s commercial hits and not just have a talk radio station…

Of course he could take the savings and spend it on an evening out with his Technical Director and wife since she worked so hard to make his website really nice with all of the bells and whistles he wanted (he asked for live chat…) and those bells and whistles that maybe he might not have thought about (Show Schedule, Listening Rooms, more…). So I gave him live chat, which pops up in the lower righthand corner of the screen.

The new website is fresher and more dynamic. It is also more current to today’s trends in website layout and design. Ning served him well for those 5 or so years, but WordPress has brought his website into 2017 and beyond. I really enjoy building websites. I have another one in the works for a friend who is also a life coach. It is a joy to figure out what to install and configure to get the website just right. And cloud hosting with Cloudways is a dream!

If you are interested in getting your website out of your head and onto the world wide web, hit me up. I would love to build a beautiful website for you, using WordPress of course… LOL

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