[NaNoBlogMo:24] NaNo Is About to Go Go

We are within the final week of NaNoBlogMo (and WriMo and JouMo and all the other “NaNos” that have been born out of the original NaNoWriMo). How many words do you have left to go?

I stopped counting…

I mean, I can go and do a word count and find out how many I am on at this juncture. But I know unless I write non-stop for the next 5.5 days, I won’t make the 50,000 word target. And that’s OK — I have written more words this time around then in any of my other NaNo attempts. And I’m not giving up on writing nor am I waiting until next year to pick it back up again.

And I will push through my writing until I am finished this book. It’s got to move out the way for the next book that is pressing to get out! There are so many inside of me… My only wish is that I am able to birth these babies before my time on this plane is done.

I have enjoyed this new found focus on blogging that started with Effy’s September Blog Along. It has not only helped me with this blog, but it has helped me with the 2 or 3 other blogs that I work on. It has also taught me that you don’t necessarily have to have a “regular schedule” of blog posts for people to look for. You do, however, need to post regularly.

I am gearing up to do both of those things in 2018. There will be a couple of “regularly scheduled” posts — like Tuesday Treats. And there will be a weekly Self-Care post. But mostly, I’m going to leave this blog pretty much the organic space that it is now. I like organic… No pressure to produce because that always turns things into a chore. I don’t like chores. They usually don’t get done…

Here’s hoping you had a successful NaNo — whichever flavor you participated in!


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