[Tuesday Treats] Black Lotus of Baltimore: Handmade Healing Products

I am honored to review Black Lotus of Baltimore, an online boutique offering handmade healing products by the talented and spiritual Antonia Perdu.

I recently was in need of some Palo Santo for my self care rituals. Antonia is someone I know through poetry and writing. When we used to hold our open mic event at my art gallery (Soulful Emergence), Antonia would come out to support our event. She would grace our Box with her gentle voice and powerful words.

In the tradition of the #SupportSomebody movement, I would like to support the Black Lotus of Baltimore boutique and brand.

The healing products in this boutique are made by hand with love. You know that is a draw for me. Mass produced, chemically induced products are not my thing. Black Lotus of Baltimore uses natural products and has clear labeling. Handmade products are made in small batches, usually minus preservatives and additives. Antonia’s choice of essential oils and how she blends them is unique to her brand.

But Ms. Perdu takes her healing products a step further: she creates them with the intention of using them in healing self-care rituals, and then she provides step-by-step instructions on how you can use the products in ritual. Self-Care Beginners rejoice! You don’t have to worry about receiving a kit with bits and baubles, oils and potions and not having a clue where to start with them.

One example of her beautiful self-care ritual kits is The Uhuru Sacred Bath Kit. Boy can I not wait to get my kit! Just reading what is contained and then the beautiful ritual she explains is giving me goosebumps! Now while I have not had the opportunity to try this kit out for my Self yet, it is in the works. I plan to come back with a mini review/update just to let you know how marvelous I know this sacred bath kit is going to be.

I feel confident giving Black Lotus of Baltimore a 5 Star rating. I know the Proprietress personally and feel good about standing up for her products. In a couple of weeks, I will be back to update you on The Uhuru Sacred Bath Kit — after I’ve had time to use it and then to reap the benefits of the ritual. That’s not going to happen the same day, at least not the full effects of the ritual… I have to allow it time to manifest.

I’m not sending a text message to the Universe and expecting an instant reply here…

Meanwhile, I urge you to give Black Lotus of Baltimore products a try. I know you won’t be disappointed. And she carries healing crystals too! My kind of brand…

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