[Knitting] Project Peace 2017

Do you knit?

My cousin Valerie taught me how to knit during the Summer of 2016. I haven’t looked back…

I am absolutely frickin’ hooked on the stuff! LOL If I wasn’t too embarrassed, I would show you my knitting stash. I could start my own small specialty store of yarn, and needles… LOL

The kitty square you see above was done by me using a pattern I found on Ravelry. It took me a few days, only knitting maybe an hour or so each day. I plan to make a blanket, but it is also my “perpetual work-in-progress” project for my knitting. I have no “must be done by” date to worry with, so this baby will get knit over an extended period of time. I am also working on a mitered square blanket for a dear friend of mine. That one has a deadline so I’mma need to get cracking on it. My hubby is also pouting because I’ve knit many other people scarves and hats and things since I learned how to knit, but I have yet to knit the one scarf he’s asked me to knit for him.

Did I mention I only learned how to knit in the Summer of 2016?

Just a little over a year ago and he’s hounding me already! LOL Not really — I was supposed to knit my first ever scarf for him and well, it went to someone else! So he has every right to be a bit demanding this time around… I’m trying to surprise him and have it done by mid-December. He doesn’t think it will be done until the winter of 2018! He’ll definitely have it before the new year…

But now I have to complete TWO knitting projects in basically the same time frame. I’ve told you about my husband’s scarf. The other project for December is Project Peace

I stumbled across this amazing project while searching for a pattern for my husband’s scarf (go figure) and I immediately fell in love! The project is in alignment with all kinds of goodness in my life. It is designed to attract even more goodness to my life so I certainly won’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, at the end of it all I will end up with a beautiful shawl/wrap that I can use for self or gift to someone else.

If you go to The Healthy Knitter‘s blog, she has a blog post that details about the entire project. The link to the blog post is the detailed description of Project Peace and how you can join along. The pattern is only $3.00 USD and I believe I have the perfect egg plant colored yarn to knit this up nicely. What I like most about Project Peace is that it is getting a significant number of people in the Collective to knit in the same time frame while thinking of the same thing: Peace.

Our world could certainly benefit from an overdose of peace right now…

If I had known about this earlier, I would have gotten at least my cousin who taught me how to knit and my sister who is a great knitter to join me in a knit-a-long for this project. But I just found out about it yesterday, so I won’t burden myself with trying to organize that in a couple of days. However, next year I hope to get a small group together and knit-a-long with Project Peace. Whether or not a group materializes, I will be joining in again next year.

How about you? Are you a knitter?

If so, I encourage you to join along with this project. The pattern is dirt cheap and if you’re like me, you’ll have no need to buy any new yarn. You’ll already have enough of the right color/weight/yardage to get ‘er done.

4 Replies to “[Knitting] Project Peace 2017”

  1. I can’t knit to save my life 😀
    I have tried, but I fail at it. I can cast on okay enough. I can do that first row of stitches on the needle too. I guess I should say that I can do it so-so enough in one direction but not the other? I can’t perl, is that the one that goes the opposite way? But I can crochet. Just the basics, nothing fancy like my aunt used to do. I can make a plain scarf. I did make a sweater for my daughter once upon a time. That was quite a challenge, thankfully it was all Double Crochet stitch. I love to do magic circles and turn them into hobo bags or pouches. I have a basket of yarn on the shelf behind me, another tote full in the closet, not to mention the giant totes of yarn I couldn’t bring with me. I have so many unfinished projects 🙂 but that is what winter is for, right?
    That sounds like a wonderful project you found.

    1. I can’t crochet! LOL I do it too tight so I can never do the next row without fighting. I’m sorta like that with knitting, but it’s not as bad… I’ve knitted scarves, hats, cowls, and blankets so far and I just learned about 1.5 years ago. I want to knit socks for the homeless. Folks always forget about them needing socks… But I’m still trying to learn how to knit socks. Baskets of yarn is an understatement!!! LOL Just consider my house a small yarn store…

  2. Wow! You are a quick study. The kitty square is beautiful. My mother was a prolific knitter and crocheter. Every family member, every new baby, every loved one – all had many beautiful things knit or crocheted by my mother. I couldn’t even count the number of afghans. It was the standard wedding present. Baby clothes galore, but not the fussy little booties and stuff. Zip up hoody bags made of heavy yarn that we could use in our sub zero winters to keep baby snug. Sweaters galore for the babies, and for the adults. Even dresses of fine spun yarn that skimmed our bodies like a glove.
    She taught me when I was six years old, but I never took to it like she did . . . or like you have.
    Thanks for sharing and taking me down memory lane. I wish I had kept just one tenth of the things my mother knit.

    1. I am supposed to be knitting a baby blanket for my 2nd grandchild, due in May… That’s actually what “reactivated” the knitting craze for me. But that soon went by the wayside for other more fun (and quicker knit!) projects! Just now learning how to knit socks — 2 at a time and toe up… I get bored with the same stitch over-and-over again, thus the blankie by the way side… I am sure your mother’s knitting is magnificent.

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