[Gratitude] 2018 Gratitude Journal Kickoff

The end of the year is drawing near which means that the beginning of a new year of gratitude giving is upon us…

We kick off our 2018 Gratitude Journal Workshop on January 1, 2018 — a week from Christmas Day tomorrow! This is a free workshop right here on this website, in the Wysdom’s Web Community section. You must be a registered member of Wysdom’s Web to join, but registration is also free. Continue reading “[Gratitude] 2018 Gratitude Journal Kickoff”

[Knitting] Knit-Life Balance

I am trying to figure out how to have a knit-life balance. You know — like folks speak of having a great “work-life” balance, I want a great knit-life balance…

I want to knit all the time. But I work full-time outside of my home. And I am a wife. And I am a mother. And I own an art gallery. And I give visual journaling classes, hold paint & sips, and do other activities with paint, paper, and canvas. And, and, and.

We all know how it goes… Continue reading “[Knitting] Knit-Life Balance”