[Gratitude] 2018 Gratitude Journal Kickoff

The end of the year is drawing near which means that the beginning of a new year of gratitude giving is upon us…

We kick off our 2018 Gratitude Journal Workshop on January 1, 2018 — a week from Christmas Day tomorrow! This is a free workshop right here on this website, in the Wysdom’s Web Community section. You must be a registered member of Wysdom’s Web to join, but registration is also free.

The Gratitude Journal Workshop is where we dedicate ourselves to giving gratitude each and every day of our lives. I’m not talking superficial gratitude here — “I’m grateful for a roof over my head, food in my mouth, and clothes on my back.” Certainly we all should be grateful for those basic things… The 2018 Gratitude Journal Workshop on Wysdom’s Web is much deeper than that. We take a moment to pause every day to not only be grateful for our lives in total, but to actually write out what we are genuinely grateful for.

Not just for the food in our mouths, because we’re obviously grateful for that!

But rather the more obscure blessings that we are graced with that we may not always recognize for what it is: a blessing. I’m talking about realizing the blessing and being grateful for the person who you witnessed assisting the young sister who had babies and bags and was struggling to get on the bus. I am grateful for that because I know that there is still good in the world. Therefore, I am grateful for the good that there still is in a world where so much bad exists. Yes, grateful for the specific person that helped and the specific act of helping; but also grateful to know that there is still good and good people in the world that exists today.

We will also learn to be grateful for the not-so-nice parts of our life. Learn to give gratitude for doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or cleaning up the accident the dog had in the house. In every thing we do, in every thing that is done to us, in every thing we experience, good or bad, there is something to be grateful for…

In 2018, we will immerse ourselves in gratitude. Daily. In every thing we do, in every thing we experience, in every thing we are.

What to Journal In

I discovered the Hobonichi 5-Year Techo just last week, which is much like the Hobonichi Weeks except it spans 5 years. So, of course I’ve ordered it! What better journal to use than one which spans 5 years?!?!?!? A 5-year diary of what I have been grateful for through the years. A way to look back over life without having a pile of books to look through. It won’t ship until March — that’s how explosive the launch of this new product was for Hobonichi — but I don’t care. For now, I will use my Weeks from 2017 as my 2018 Gratitude Journal because I didn’t get that until later in the year, so the first months are still blank. Then I will simply transfer to the 5-Year Techo when it arrives, copying over the words from the months prior to its arrival so I can have everything in one book.

The Hobonichi Weeks that I originally purchased as my Gratitude Journal for 2018 will become my EDC and Knitting Journal so as not to waste it. I am knitting a Temperature Scarf for 2018 and this is the perfect place to track the daily temperatures. I will also be able to mark when I start a new knitting project and when I complete it, giving me historical data of how long it takes me to knit something. Invaluable information for me when stocking the shelves of the Boutique because I knit most items sold in the Boutique to order. I don’t like having them lay around where they can collect dust and warehouse smells. I prefer to offer items that are knit with intention and purpose for the person the item will serve, which means it needs to be created when it is purchased and not before.

I am excited for the Gratitude Journal year. I have been gratitude journaling for many many years but 2017 saw a new leaf turned in my gratitude giving which in turn made some other leaves in my life turn over. All for the better.

For this, I am truly grateful…

I hope you join me for the workshop. There will be weekly prompts to keep you going throughout the year. I will be sharing my process and my pages for inspiration. And I will be looking for you to share your pages and your thoughts with the Community too. See you on the 1st!

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