[Musings] Have You Heard? What’s the Word??

Have you heard your word for 2018?

I say “heard” because I believe this word that is your focus for 2018 should come to you. It shouldn’t be something that you pick… It should be something that speaks to you from a deeper place within your Self.

Having a focal word for the year is something I do every year. This word depicts that principle(s) for my Self that I want to concentrate on for the year. My word for 2017 is “Beauty” because I wanted to focus on my beauty — both internal and external — and bring my Self out of some depressing thoughts about my Self as it pertains to beauty. I started the year taking a selfie every Sunday and adding it to my journal. Although the practice didn’t last the whole year, it did have me focusing on what I see as my physical “flaws” and in turn helped me to release the self-defeating self-talk about those “flaws.” It also helped me to realize my internal beauty. Something many of my friends and acquaintances speak of in my regard, but something I have never really realized within my Self. This year I worked on that…

For 2018, I will continue to work on ME. I have spent 20+ years giving my all to a marriage. In doing so, I have lost much of my Self. Made many Self sacrifices “for the good of the marriage.” In 2018, I turn the spotlight on Self and will establish some boundaries whereas I am able to give to my relationship all that it needs and deserves without losing my Self in the process. My word for 2018, which came to me as I thought about what I wanted 2018 to be for me, is:


BE is capitalized because I will BE present to my every moment of 2018 and I will BE me in each and every instance. And in my BEing me, I will BE BE-coming into my Self. My Authentic Self… The true and real me. The me I used to be, but now with the wisdom of my years. Me matured. Me embracing and living as the Crone I am…

What word has come to you for 2018?

4 Replies to “[Musings] Have You Heard? What’s the Word??”

  1. My word has not come yet, I don’t think. Part of me wants to bring my word for 2017 into 2018. The word I had for 2017 was DREAM. But as I have shared in my blog, I feel like I did more dreaming about my dreams than bringing my dreams to life. Not that this was a bad thing, it just isn’t what I envisioned with the word. Right now, ENOUGH seems to be in the forefront of my mind. But I don’t know if it is the word that is calling to me or if it is just how I am feeling. I will sit and wait and see what happens. Perhaps it is my word or maybe there is one out there that hasn’t spoken to me yet.
    I love your word! I hope one day I can find my own authentic self and live her loud and proud.

    1. As long as you sit and listen, it will come. It is when we “force” it or choose one for ourselves that difficulties arise. Maybe your DREAM for 2017 is to show in 2018 that you are ENOUGH… Time will tell. I know you know how to listen to the whispers of your InnerG.

  2. Thank you for this thought-filled post on seeking to know self. My word for this year is rich, with a reminder that not all the glitters is gold. I want to cultivate and enriched life. I’ll be journaling and manifesting art to help me discover exactly what that includes.

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