Untitled Poem

Alchemical ART afoot, alighting

Branches benign before burgeoning blossoms

Cascade. Crawling, creeping, curving curiously…

Descending down deep.

Enticing, entwining, enchanting. Evoking

Fear. Firmly fighting for freedom,

Giving gratitude. Garnering greatness.

Having held honesty hostage, honor




Letting life lead, Love

Magnifies most meaningful messages.

Needing no nonsense nor

Offering outcomes opposite of

Positive. Placing



Sisters strongly

Transforming, totally

United under

Visionary vibrations venturing

Within walls




ART (My Muse) is afoot, awakening me. Allowing me to blossom, fall gracefully, move stealthily… Going deep within Self and stirring up FEAR: Face Everything And RISE. My daily gratitude practice allows me to become great. By not creating in 2 years — holding my truth hostage — I learned to be kinder to Self by honoring my gift and beginning to create again. I let life lead instead of Love, which magnifies my truth even more so. ART doesn’t need distractions and doesn’t offer any outcome other than beauty and positivity. Here (The Red Madonna), with my sisters, where we are all strongly entrenched in the business of Self transformation through healing, we are united through our visionary vibrations and the feast at Wisdom’s table (“Within walls”) — a sacred space where men as strong as Xerxes and his army yearn with zeal to be within the protection of. Ase.

This wrote itself. I merely picked up the pen as Divinely guided. The portal has been made ready…


Have I talked about this before?

It keeps happening in my life, confirming what I already know to be true about my True Path:

  • That I am to create because it heals Me.
  • By healing Self, I help heal the world.
  • That I am to share my gifts: teaching art as a tool for healing and writing.
  • By teaching others to use art as a tool for healing, I help heal the world. One student at a time.
  • That I am to write in order to share my story. My Wysdom…
  • By writing my story and being willing to be vulnerable, others will learn how to glean the wisdom from similar periods of darkness and see the Universe’s guidance for what it is, rather than looking upon it as negative energy and bad vibes.

Your goals may not manifest as the gifts you wish to offer, but they are yours just the same… Continue reading “Synchronicity…”

It Is Done…

The reclamation of the Art Journal Love Studio is complete!

It was sheer dedication that got me this far this fast. It’s been several weeks, but when I release the “hoarder” video you will see why! LOL The shot above is of my desk (obviously) taken with me standing in front of my desk (and the full size futon that is in front of that). This pictures showcases the 8 feet of pegboard that my dear husband installed for me earlier this month. It is now all decked out with bins, shelves, and all sorts of devices to help keep me organized. Continue reading “It Is Done…”

From Shadow to Light: Cycling and Transforming

I cried like a baby the other day when I saw this post on Facebook from my cousin Valerie:

My blog post from last week explains what she means by “…as you reflect an[d] get your new art space ready.” If you missed it, basically I am reclaiming the Art Journal Love Studio. It has been neglected for 2 years and I haven’t really been creating any art. A burst of creative fun every now and then, but not really creating art daily like I normally do. Continue reading “From Shadow to Light: Cycling and Transforming”

Blogging Is Not Just On The Blog

I realized the other day that I have been MIA in the blogging world for what looks like a month — but that’s if you only look on my blog…

A lot of my writing happens in Wysdom’s Web. This is our online Community for Wysdom’s heARTworks’ patrons and visitors. It is absolutely free to join and participate in, you just need to sign up and you will be allowed immediate access. Because I am often in there posting, you will see more frequent writings from me there. I am working to post to the blog more regularly as well; however, if you ever want to know what I’m up to, you can always check the Wysdom’s Web community!

Here are some of the latest posts from me in the Community:

All-in-all I just wanted you to be aware that there are many areas of the Wysdom’s heARTworks website that you can read and ways that you can interact with me and others. Look around! Get involved!! Join the Community!!!

[DIY] Art Studio Facelift

I have been MIA in the blog post writing arena because I have been spending the last several weeks giving my art studio a facelift. It has been neglected for the last 2 years. Ever since I gave up my art gallery building space and moved all of the contents of that 3500 square foot building to my 3 bedroom townhouse basement space… Needless to say it was hugely by force that the art studio has been neglected — I couldn’t get in there to do anything because the space was totally filled with paintings and art supplies. Remember — Soulful Emergence Art Gallery is more than just an art gallery. I held all kinds of classes and events in the space and we stored the supplies there in the building.

Until they were moved into my basement and consumed the Art Journal Love StudioContinue reading “[DIY] Art Studio Facelift”