From Shadow to Light: Cycling and Transforming

I cried like a baby the other day when I saw this post on Facebook from my cousin Valerie:

My blog post from last week explains what she means by “…as you reflect an[d] get your new art space ready.” If you missed it, basically I am reclaiming the Art Journal Love Studio. It has been neglected for 2 years and I haven’t really been creating any art. A burst of creative fun every now and then, but not really creating art daily like I normally do.

But what is most significant about Valerie’s blog post is just this past Friday I reached out to someone who’s been saying to me “you should hold classes and teach all of us” — ‘all of us’ referring to a group of women — and told her that I was going to start classes the first of April. We are working on setting a regular day and time for class. And I also reached out to another woman I know who enjoys attending my classes and gets a lot out of them to let her know that I was going to start having classes again. One day later, Cousin posts those encouraging words to me.


I don’t believe in coincidence. It is Divine Synchronicity that I would make the decision to start holding classes again and then Valerie would make a post stating that “…people are waiting for you to share your gifts.” All of this on the heels of the Art Journal Love Studio makeover that I talked about in a post just 3 days ago.

3 — a sacred number…

It’s also been 3 weeks since I embarked on the studio facelift project. 3 + 3 = 6, another sacred number. Again not coincidence but synchronicity. I have been shown so many things that confirm my path, my calling. Confirmed that it is not Ego rearing its ugly head, but what has been defined by the Divine as my Purpose. I think about all the women that have been put in my path, my life. I know what I need to do.

And the time has come to get it done. Thank you Valerie for the gentle nudge…

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