It Is Done…

The reclamation of the Art Journal Love Studio is complete!

It was sheer dedication that got me this far this fast. It’s been several weeks, but when I release the “hoarder” video you will see why! LOL The shot above is of my desk (obviously) taken with me standing in front of my desk (and the full size futon that is in front of that). This pictures showcases the 8 feet of pegboard that my dear husband installed for me earlier this month. It is now all decked out with bins, shelves, and all sorts of devices to help keep me organized.

Here is a closer look at the pegboard as well as the 6 foot of counter space that is just below it. The pails that are hanging from the bottom were originally silver. I painted them with DecoArt Black Chalkboard Paint and will use a chalk marker to write the contents of the pail on the outside for ease of use.

I emptied out the closet, purged, and then reorganized everything that was going back in as well as the new items that are now stored there. Beside the closet in the tower of drawers are all of my stamps and punches. Yes — I have that many stamps and punches! I started my creative career as a scrapbooker. ‘Nuff said… Oh! I forgot to mention that I have all sorts of drawers and shelves under the counter for additional storage needs. The drawers on the counter hold inks for my fountain pen collection as well as ephemera for my journal pages.

To the left of the closet is a shelving unit with a Vagabond Machine by Tim Holtz.  This area can’t be seen in the picture. The top shelf holds my many dies and embossing folders. Beneath that is a shelf full of yarn — just a small bit of my entire yarn stash. Beside the Vagabond station is my glass painting table. It serves as both my table to hold brushes and water jars, but also as my paint palette. When I’m done painting, I will simply allow the leftover paint to dry on the surface and then I will scrape up the bits and save them as collage fodder for my art journals. Of course my painting table holds the requisite ball of Red Thread…

Although I didn’t take a picture, you can kind of see my paper racks that line the wall behind my painting table in the picture above. I told you I started this life as a scrapbook-aholic… There are 5 paper racks like the ones you see in ACMoore and Michaels full with scrapbook paper. Above that is a 4 foot ribbon holder full with rolls of ribbon.

This wall is on the opposite side of my desk from the closet. The 2 drawer units used to be the “legs” of the desk that I had in my bedroom which allowed me the opportunity to create when the Art Journal Love Studio was full to capacity with Soulful Emergence Art Gallery items. They now have a rightful place in the art studio, freeing my bedroom of unnecessary clutter! The shelving unit above holds paints and other acrylic mediums. I still have a bit of work to do to clear off the tops of these by hanging up the paintings you see there. They are going to be hung right under that shelving unit that is on the wall.

I don’t have a picture of the closet that is under the stairs. That was emptied and purged in this process and then I “restocked” it with items that I use more regularly in my art, but not items that need to be within arms reach. This closet also houses my canvases so they are easily accessible to me when I am painting. Right outside of that closet is the area where the 42″ flat screen television will go. However, There is a small bit of items that are presently there and need to be relocated before we can relocate the television to that space.

For now, I’m done. For all intents and purposes all of the art-related purging/cleaning/organizing has been done. What’s left can be done little-by-little. My creativity has been waiting over 2 years to be let out to play again. When I was ready, my art studio was not. Now we are both in sync — me being ready to create again and my art studio being ready to use again — and I am ready to take advantage of the momentum.

I’ll get to that last bit of items eventually…

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    1. A little bit of everything! LOL Paper, yarn, paint and mediums that were either no longer any good, or which I knew I would not use… You name it, I’m sure I purged it/took it to off site storage/gave it a new home. Thanks for stopping by!

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