Have I talked about this before?

It keeps happening in my life, confirming what I already know to be true about my True Path:

  • That I am to create because it heals Me.
  • By healing Self, I help heal the world.
  • That I am to share my gifts: teaching art as a tool for healing and writing.
  • By teaching others to use art as a tool for healing, I help heal the world. One student at a time.
  • That I am to write in order to share my story. My Wysdom…
  • By writing my story and being willing to be vulnerable, others will learn how to glean the wisdom from similar periods of darkness and see the Universe’s guidance for what it is, rather than looking upon it as negative energy and bad vibes.

Your goals may not manifest as the gifts you wish to offer, but they are yours just the same…

It is the last bullet point that I wanted to expand on. You see, my blog post here talks about how I’ve spent weeks of my life reclaiming the art studio I have in the basement. I have been determined to reclaim my Creative Self and being able to create the art and art journals that I so love making manifest (and that I’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on tools, supplies, and classes to be able to do). And then on March 16th, I expended all of my energy to finish off the last of the studio facelift. I completed it that night because I was determined that I was going to be able to get up the next day, go downstairs, and be able to create without doing anything to clean, clear, or put away first. The next morning I went downstairs, smudged my space with some white sage to rid it of any negative energies and “officially” reclaim it as sacred space for creating. Then I turned on my computer to go to my Red Madonna classroom because I wanted to paint (Red Madonna is a 2-year class taught by Shiloh Sophia and several other teachers she’s invited).

That’s when the magick happened…

As I was navigating my way to the classroom, an e-mail came in from Havi, one of the teachers. I thought “what better way to find the classroom” because there were sure to be at least one link to the classroom in her e-mail. I opened it up and was led to read the entire posting, which led me to the classroom, and which was pretty lengthy. Normally I would have saved the reading for later in the day because I thought my goal was to paint that morning. The Universe, however, guided me to the realization of my True Path instead.

All-in-all, Havi’s e-mail was about it being the New Moon and all which that entails. She helped us to see how we could honor the New Moon, plant the seeds of what we wish to manifest, and honor ourselves and our creativity in the process. A light bulb went off for me: My True Self had been preparing for this day for the last several weeks. It had been clearing the clutter and moving the blocks out of the way for this day.

This is where the synchronicity happened…

You see, I reclaimed my art studio on the New Moon with the intention to create regularly as I used to in the past. This reclamation also came with the intention to offer classes to those women who have been asking me to share my gifts.  I also went on an Artist’s Date last week and met with a writing coach who will be helping me to write my book. I met with her with the intention of finally getting this book written. I did not realize that the day I was determined to official reclaim my art studio and begin creating again was the New Moon until I read Havi’s post. At the New Moon, we are to set our intention on what we want to manifest in the new cycle.


Whether I realized it or not, the Universe guided me to set my intention for what my True Path is at this New Moon. And boy-oh-boy was it set — LOUD and CLEARLY:

  • I am an Artist. My passion and desire to create art is unmatched by any other thing I am drawn to, as demonstrated by my overhauling and reclaiming my art studio after 2 years.
  • I am a Teacher-Healer. Healing Self first through art and sharing my tools with the many women who seek me out for guidance and who request my classes.
  • I am an Author. I have an absolute need to write. My passion to write is coupled with a passion to share my story so others can learn from the wisdom given me by my Ancestors, that they may not struggle as hard to see their signs or resist acknowledging what is clearly before them.

And this time I am listening…

I hear the call of the Universe, what my part in the Collective has been designated as and what path I need to take in order to achieve my goals. The goals set for me by the Divine and not by Ego… My True Path. It has been revealed for me before but I couldn’t believe it no matter how much I saw it. I didn’t think I was worthy; it couldn’t be me that was called to such important tasks. But this New Moon has shown me that indeed it is me being called to cause and create these sacred containers for Self and others.

The art in this post was created on March 17, 2018, and after. I have been creating every day since that day…


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