Untitled Poem

Alchemical ART afoot, alighting

Branches benign before burgeoning blossoms

Cascade. Crawling, creeping, curving curiously…

Descending down deep.

Enticing, entwining, enchanting. Evoking

Fear. Firmly fighting for freedom,

Giving gratitude. Garnering greatness.

Having held honesty hostage, honor




Letting life lead, Love

Magnifies most meaningful messages.

Needing no nonsense nor

Offering outcomes opposite of

Positive. Placing



Sisters strongly

Transforming, totally

United under

Visionary vibrations venturing

Within walls




ART (My Muse) is afoot, awakening me. Allowing me to blossom, fall gracefully, move stealthily… Going deep within Self and stirring up FEAR: Face Everything And RISE. My daily gratitude practice allows me to become great. By not creating in 2 years — holding my truth hostage — I learned to be kinder to Self by honoring my gift and beginning to create again. I let life lead instead of Love, which magnifies my truth even more so. ART doesn’t need distractions and doesn’t offer any outcome other than beauty and positivity. Here (The Red Madonna), with my sisters, where we are all strongly entrenched in the business of Self transformation through healing, we are united through our visionary vibrations and the feast at Wisdom’s table (“Within walls”) — a sacred space where men as strong as Xerxes and his army yearn with zeal to be within the protection of. Ase.

This wrote itself. I merely picked up the pen as Divinely guided. The portal has been made ready…

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