Who! Who!

Yes — Who! as an exclamation and not a question…

It’s because I’m talking about owls and not asking any questions! And the owl I am talking about today is this beauty right here:

It is what is called a “diamond painting” kit and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Until late last week I never knew such a thing existed… Continue reading “Who! Who!”

Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!

I came down into the Art Journal Love Studio late this morning to create some pages in my art journal. I also have an inkling to make an Effydori, but I am trying to talk myself out of it. LOL I still have almost an entire BOD journal to fill! Plus I have my Moonshine journal and I’ve stumbled across a beautiful way to keep an artsy gratitude journal on Pinterest that I am going to start doing. (I already keep a Daily Gratitude Journal. But it is strictly a written journal…) Continue reading “Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!”

Sacred Things

I find peace in things that I find sacred…

And I’ve also found new meaning in the word “sacred”. I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. There are lots of sacred trinkets and amulets in that tradition (although I thought amulets were a no-no, but that’s a discussion for another post). But what I have discovered now that I am a lot older are that sacred things are not necessarily religious things. I was formerly brought to believe that from my upbringing — it had to be consecrated by a priest or said to be sacred by a religious leader in order for it to be sacred.

NOT! Continue reading “Sacred Things”


I hemmed and hawed about joining the 100 Day Project for some time. I have enough on my plate already…

But if you know me, or if you read this post I wrote the other day, you will know that the call of the challenge was too strong for me to resist! LOL So, you already know that I’ve joined along with the many many folks who have taken up this challenge. If you click the 100 Day Project link above, you will be taken to the website where you can find out all of the details. Continue reading “#The100DayProject”

Dealership Service Department — A Totally New Experience

On January 19th I purchased a new car. A present to my Self upon retirement. It had 50 miles on it when I drove it off the lot…

Today, I took it in for the first oil change. To the dealer… This is foreign to me. I purchased my first car at 18. Now at 51, there’s been many many cars in between. However, this is the first time that I took any car to the dealership for service.

The customer service experience is night and day! Continue reading “Dealership Service Department — A Totally New Experience”

Swatching. It’s A Thing…

I have known about swatching since I have known about art journaling. I have even done it in the past. But — I haven’t done it in a gazillion years and in my BOD class, someone posted a picture of her recent swatching efforts. That picture inspired me to get to swatching myself. And what better things to start with then the new Sakura Glaze Pens and Shinhan Professional Watercolors that I recently purchased when I signed up for BOD. Just in case you’re not sure:

Swatching: applying a sample (paint, makeup, etc.) to a surface to test or demonstrate a color.

Continue reading “Swatching. It’s A Thing…”

Written Journaling

Lately I have been writing about my art journaling practice. I am sure it’s because of all the work I put in to reclaiming my art studio which in turn jump started my creativity and got me creating again. Today, however, I want to write about one of the facets of my written journaling practice…

Yeah…believe it or not I have another passion: writing. Continue reading “Written Journaling”