WTF Did I Do?!?!?

I always do this to my Self. And I always say that I’m not going to do this to my Self “this year.” But yet, I find that yet again I’ve done this to my Self… You would think it wouldn’t be a problem for me this year because I’m retired. But retirement life is a lot busier than I envisioned. So yeah, I did it again…

This year, I said I was going to focus on my Purpose and walking steadfast in that purpose. And because of this, I said I would only take one class. I decided that I wanted to focus on my spirituality, so I signed up for The Red Madonna. This was the first class I signed up with Shiloh Sophia many many years ago and how I was immersed into her teachings.

And in all actuality, I didn’t make the decision to sign up for any classes until late February-early March… I was too busy enjoying the freedom of retirement and also readjusting my life to retirement. But then the full reclamation of the Art Journal Love Studio happened. You can read about that in detail in this post. When the Studio was ready, so was I. I went in on the New Moon of March 17th early in the morning and didn’t come up for air until late that night. It was marvelous! Arted my friggin’ pants off!!

But then I realized that I needed to be fed too. That even though I teach art and art journaling, my creativity needs to be fed too. The Red Madonna is a pretty intense class, so I wanted to find something that would feed what I needed fed while not being too demanding of my time. So I chose the lovely Connie Solera’s 21 Secrets class. Kewl. No pressure. Work at your own pace (as is The Red Madonna, however you are more compelled to keep up for various reasons). I can do that and still keep my focus on birthing my creative offerings.

Well, as is my norm, I didn’t stop there…

I got into both classes and was feeling the energy. I had started creating, started painting, and was digging what was happening within my Self. And then I craved more… I wanted a more “cohesive” art journaling program for my Self; one more similar to the classes I have taught. Something that builded upon your beginnings and encompassed all facets of life, love, spirituality… Now if you’ve been doing this for some time like myself — “this” being taking creative classes — you know a lot of the offerings that are out there, the ones which call to your soul and the ones that are interesting, but you are unsure if they are for you.

This calls to my soul… This is Book of Days by Effy Wild. Effy was my first art journal teacher and I am always drawn back to her. She brings out my creative flow, allows space for my own creativity — my take on her demonstrations — and she offers art journaling/mixed media as a class and a class using art journaling, written journaling, and mixed media in your spiritual practice. The class which is geared more toward spiritual practice is called Moonshine. I, of course, signed up for both…

Still, I am beyond excited! I’ve handmade my BOD (acronym for Book of Days) using white file folders I had laying around and an old painting that I was going to paint over. I cut the painting off its frame and then ripped the painted canvas to size to use for the cover of the book I’d stitched together using the file folders as signatures. The spread in the picture above is the first spread in this hand bound journal. It’s what Effy refers to as the North Star spread; a guide for you through the rest of the year. Where you were and where you are headed of sorts.

The page spread pictured here is the first spread in my Moonshine journal. I started it yesterday on the Full Blue Ash Moon and completed it this morning, while still under the Full Moon’s energy. It is a page to celebrate what I have and what I have created during this cycle. I don’t think you can see the writing on the left-hand side of the page, but it reads “I Exhaled and Expanded” because truly that is what happened to me during this last cycle. I see so many changes in my Self, I am unimaginably more happy, my marriage is becoming incredible again…

Becoming… That’s my word for this year. Synchronicity…

And as if all that wasn’t enough, I didn’t realize until the other day that today is the kick off of Effy’s Artfully Wild Blog Along where she challenges herself and those who choose to join her to blog every day for the next 30 days. All of April… You all know I can’t pass up a good challenge! Besides, her last AWBA in September of 2017 was what helped to breathe life back into my blog, which sadly I had left neglected. I mean, I would post every now and then, but not with any consistency to attract or sustain a readership. Thanks to Effy, I now blog at least once each week and for the next 30 days it will be once a day.

Like the title of this post says: WTF did I do to myself?!?!?

Oh well. What’s done is done. Now the only thing I can do is art my face off! Oh… And write blog posts every day for the next 30 days and then at least twice a week after that. The latter part I added to the challenge to challenge myself to keep the blog post writing consistent after Effy’s challenge is over.


7 Replies to “WTF Did I Do?!?!?”

  1. I’m an Effy junkie I swear. I do all the classes and all the things too. Too many to get done. I like to art class in mall format. Lol

    1. Jen! You ain’t said nothing but a word!! Team Effy junkie here too!! LOL It’s almost cultish — but a good, loving, supportive cult! LOL And every year I too take too many classes and never finish any of them! I have lots of archives for inspiration though!!! LOL LOL LOL

  2. I dream of a day I can take one of Shilo’s classes. I’ve taken Connie’s BIG workshop a few years ago. It was one of the first classes I ever took. I participated in a couple of 21 Secrets too. I’ve done BOD a couple of times, I LOVE EFFY!!! I wish I could do BOD/Moonshine/Journal52 and every other art class that calls to me. Some day I will be able to sign up for all of them.
    Looking forward to reading your posts!!

    1. If it wasn’t for payment plans, I wouldn’t be able to take Shiloh’s classes! I think this is my second try at 21 Secrets. But BOD and Effy??? They are HOME for me!!! I always come back… I leave for a year or two and take someone else’s class but I always always always come back to BOD! BOD is what made me an art journal artist!! Thanks for being one of my blog readers!

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