Spring Has Sprung… NOT!

It is Spring in the northern hemisphere of the world. Or at least it’s supposed to be… We got four inches of snow on the first day of Spring and last night, it snowed again. Just a nuisance trace dusting followed by some rain that washed it away; but still, it is supposed to be Spring…

I am blessed to have a window in the Art Journal Love Studio. And now that I’ve rearranged my space so I can actually see out of the window while I am creating, it makes the space that much more peaceful and welcoming. But, yesterday when I pulled the blinds up so that I could gaze out of the window, there were little signs of Spring.

I mean…You can see the grasses and wild vines past the shed getting green, but the trees are still virtually barren from the winter. Off in the distance there are some evergreens and the green you see closer on the left is actually my lawn chairs propped against the fence. I will even admit that in the dead of summer this view isn’t full with color — it’s the back of the house which backs up to some “woods” and then the next set of townhouses in the neighborhood behind me. But it is a lot greener and prettier and we often have deer come to nibble on the greenery back there and have a drink from the creek. I surely will be glad when Spring signs really show themselves!

And that means we need to clean and clear the backyard…

It too went neglected for nearly two years when we did not have use of the basement (see this post and this one). The only way to get to the backyard is through the basement. That’s where the back door is. I mean, we could always walk around the houses to the back, but I’m townhouse number 2 or 3 in the row and I’m not a deer so I’m not trudging through those grasses and vines. What other creatures have made a home there that I might disturb or be frightened by? No thank you!

Lots of leaves from never being raked all winter long — for two winters. And there are a copious amount of sticks from this winter’s wind storms. Thank Goodness that the backyard isn’t that big! That is one good thing about living in a townhouse… And also since we back up to some “woods” we can take the sticks and toss them into the woods and let them decay naturally. This helps to replenish Mother Earth and we must take care of our Mother…

But until it gets and stays warm outside, I won’t be doing any of it. It’s too cold and if I’m Spring cleaning then I’d like it to feel like Spring dammit! LOL It is nice to think about being able to use the backyard again. I love grilling and I haven’t done it in a long time because I couldn’t get to the backyard conveniently. This year however is a different story. And with me being in the art studio all the time now, I am certain that many of our dinners throughout the Spring and Summer will be grilled food.

It’s better for you anyway, right?


8 Replies to “Spring Has Sprung… NOT!”

  1. Same here. Six inches of snow and temps more suitable to January, not April. I cannot even get to my studio (in the back yard) until the three feet of accumulated snow melts. It could easily be another month.

    1. Oh no Judith! I thought I was bad not being able to get to my studio — but that was also MY doing! I pray the snow melts soon for you so you can get into your studio before next month!!

  2. From here in Los Angeles where we don’t have any weather to speak of, I find myself envious of long winters. I think of rest and incubating, snow days off and all that. I know it’s dreadful for those of you in it though. Love the idea of deer in the yard. Such a lovely description of your home. Enjoyed it very much.

    1. I can rest and incubate now that I’m retired, sort of… I still have kids in high school and middle school, so I still need to go out a lot! LOL Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Here in Maine before spring we have mud season. Mud mud everywhere along with a complement of really dirty snowbanks and frost heaves in the roads. Plus let us not forget car-swallowing potholes. Spring might be here by the end of this month – or there will be more snow. 😊

    1. I cannot imagine living in Maine! Snow is beautiful but send me a postcard! LOL I will pray that Spring is here by the MIDDLE of this month for the both of us!

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