My Hand Bound BOD Journal

Today I completed another page spread in my Book of Days (BOD) art journal. BOD is a class by Effy Wild that I am taking this year. Hop on over to Effy’s blog to check out more about the class. But before I delve into my artwork, I wanted to tell you about the fabulous art journal I made for BOD…

One thing I try always to promote is to use what you have on hand! It’s great when we run out and buy all the things we want for our newest journal brand new. However, that can put a dent into the budget. And then there are times when we would love to run out and buy buy buy, but our wallet says no! no! no! LOL I happen to love hand bound journals — I offer them for sale in the boutique (however, they are currently out of stock — more coming soon!) — so I wanted to make a hand bound journal for my Book of Days class with Effy.

The journal pictured above cost me absolutely no money. It was 100% free. At some point years ago, some of the items I used were purchased like the canvas and the paint on the canvas. But that was so many years ago and no money was spent this year/this time to make this journal. The pages are made out of white file folders that I had laying around. The cover is an old painting that I didn’t enjoy as a painting and was going to paint over. But I absolutely LOVE it as a journal cover! This in turn saves me the step of having to decorate my cover. And I stitched the signatures together with red thread I already had from my bookbinding work for the Boutique.

The painting after I removed it from the frame.





The file folder signatures with the binding holes punched. Stacked and ready to go!



The end result is my GORGEOUS 2018 BOD journal! One hundred glorious pages to paint, write, collage and create yuminess pertinent to ME and MY LIFE for 2018!!!





And here’s the second page spread in my BOD journal. This year my focus is Attending to the desires of my heART…

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  1. This is so great! I really love seeing how you took all of these things that were laying around and made them into something new and beautiful! I’m really itching to do BOD since I just reconnected to my art practice, so maybe I’ll be joining you a little later 🙂

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