Dealership Service Department — A Totally New Experience

On January 19th I purchased a new car. A present to my Self upon retirement. It had 50 miles on it when I drove it off the lot…

Today, I took it in for the first oil change. To the dealer… This is foreign to me. I purchased my first car at 18. Now at 51, there’s been many many cars in between. However, this is the first time that I took any car to the dealership for service.

The customer service experience is night and day!

I am used to going to the normal large chain service shops like Goodyear and Firestone. My husband was a former store manager for both of those chains, so of course we took our cars there for service. But today, today was the first time I experienced taking the car to the dealer.

Sidebar: Shout out to Antwerpen Security Nissan! I both purchased my vehicle there and took it there for service. More than pleased with BOTH experiences! Go see Rodney Megginson. He will take care of you.

Drove up to the service bay door, it opened, we drove in, they came to the car and asked what service(s) we needed, we got out, they took the car off… While we were waiting, we went across the street and did our grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks. It had to be done anyway and that happened to be the very grocery store we use anyway.

About an hour later, right as we had finished bagging our groceries and were heading to the bench to sit and wait for the call to pickup the car, the service department called us. The car was ready! We could have not orchestrated a more serendipitous occasion if we had planned it for the last year… You can only imagine my face:

I mean — how could one not be happy when “two birds were killed with one stone”? And it is a GLORIOUS day outside (although the picture on the left was not taken today). What helped to make my smile so big (it was as big as the one in this picture)?

The oil change service was FREE!

Including tire rotation and fluid top off.  I forgot that my first service was free since i purchased the car there… Another nice surprise — along with the quick and efficient service — for my day.

I have been surrounded by the word ABUNDANCE lately. From the abundance that I am experiencing in my personal life and spiritual life, the abundance I am experiencing in my creative life, the abundance that I am experiencing in my business and entrepreneur lives — the abundance all around and within me — I am truly blessed!  Ase’!!!

8 Replies to “Dealership Service Department — A Totally New Experience”

  1. I love dealership service. Congrats on having such a great experience and a nice new car. And of course for getting in two errands with one stop. More time is a gift.

  2. Love love love that you’re experiencing ABUNDANCE! And, with your attitude of gratitude it is bound to continue. You have an absolutely gorgeous smile! Happy weekend.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Karen! Yes — I have been surrounded by abundance and I am loving it! But more than anything — I am SO grateful for the experience of abundance in my life!

    1. Oh Effy! It was a long road for me to get to this point. I often found something negative in everything… Now I give gratitude for EVERY experience — good, bad, or ugly! <3

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