I hemmed and hawed about joining the 100 Day Project for some time. I have enough on my plate already…

But if you know me, or if you read this post I wrote the other day, you will know that the call of the challenge was too strong for me to resist! LOL So, you already know that I’ve joined along with the many many folks who have taken up this challenge. If you click the 100 Day Project link above, you will be taken to the website where you can find out all of the details.

Generally speaking, for the next 100 days I will do or create something. That’s the premise of the challenge. It doesn’t matter what you do or create, you don’t have to do what the organizer is doing, you just have to do something for 100 consecutive days. At first, I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to add another thing to do to my plate. And then I thought: I just reclaimed my art studio space. What better way to celebrate that than to be sure to create something in this space every day for the next 100 days?

So I took up the challenge!

And then I thought about a project I had been wanting to do. An offering of my gifts to others who either don’t have the time to sit down and do the work to create the art, or who feel they aren’t good enough. So I have now parlayed a simple challenge to “do” for 100 days into both a celebration of the Art Journal Love Studio’s “Grand Re-opening” and a love offering to one lucky person who follows my blog and this challenge with me.

For the next 100 days, I will be creating self-empowerment art journal pages in a brand new journal. It is actually an old hardcover book that I am altering into an art journal. At the end of the 100 days, I will select one person via random drawing to gift the completed journal to.  You can reside domestically or internationally — it doesn’t matter. I will ship it to you overseas if you are the lucky winner!

Once I have done the pages inside of the journal, I will also decorate the cover and give the book a title. It will then be packaged with love and shipped out to whomever is the winner of the drawing. I am pretty sure that every page will be a one-page spread, but who knows what Spirit will cause and create over the next 100 days? What I do know is that every page will be filled with color and imagery and empowering words…

The challenge is a bit daunting, being that I am now sort of compelled to complete the project. At the end of it I get to gift something beautiful to someone and that always makes me happy. It will also help to be the catalyst to get me to successfully complete the 100 Day Project challenge. And think of what I will be doing for myself subconsciously over the next 100 days simply by creating beautiful, empowering, uplifting art. The empowering words will have their effect on me too!

I know, I know… I said I would gift the completed book to someone at the end of the challenge, but I didn’t mention how to join in for your chance to win. Here are the details:

  1. Sign up for my newsletter. There is a pop-up that shows up on the Home page when you come to my website prompting you to sign up.
  2. Comment on this post and let me know that you hope to be the lucky winner so I know that you have signed up.
  3. That’s it.

Again  — I know… You think that signing up for my newsletter is going to mean you get spammed with mail from me. Think again… I can hardly manage to write blog posts regularly and I haven’t written a newsletter in 100 years LOL. By having you sign up for my newsletter, I have your name and e-mail address — a means to contact the lucky winner without exposing your personal information (your e-mail address) publicly by having you post it in the comments.

Nobody wants that!

Come on now… How many times have I mentioned my Boutique in any of my blog posts??? If I’m not constantly “selling myself” when I’m posting blog posts on my own blog, why would I spam your inbox because you signed up for my newsletter? I’m just saying… Don’t miss out on an opportunity to receive a lovely — and complete — Self-Empowerment Art Journal 100 days from today. Sign up for the newsletter and comment today!


12 Replies to “#The100DayProject”

  1. Oh yay, you joined! I’m so glad to hear that someone else will be with me in spirit creating for the next 100 days! I love your idea of self-empowerment journal pages, and that is going to be a beautiful gift!

    Are you sharing on Instagram? I’ll have to look you up if you are 🙂

    1. Yes Kathleen — I hemmed and hawed about it knowing deep down I wanted to do it. And then to be able to turn my efforts into a beautiful gift for someone is icing on the cake! I am in IG and I am posting there. I will look for you too!

  2. I am a little late joing but do excited about #The 100 Day Project. Hopeful doing this for so many days will help me make creativity a daily habit.

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