Sacred Things

I find peace in things that I find sacred…

And I’ve also found new meaning in the word “sacred”. I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. There are lots of sacred trinkets and amulets in that tradition (although I thought amulets were a no-no, but that’s a discussion for another post). But what I have discovered now that I am a lot older are that sacred things are not necessarily religious things. I was formerly brought to believe that from my upbringing — it had to be consecrated by a priest or said to be sacred by a religious leader in order for it to be sacred.


As I grew and evolved spiritually, I left that religious tradition. The belief system there did not feed my soul. It threatened and chastised me constantly, leaving me fearing at every moment that I would see the “hell fire.” I’m sorry, but that ain’t how God(dess) wants us to live. S/He doesn’t want us to live in fear, never has, never will. Why would s/he give us such beautiful things and the knowledge for things like television and radio if we weren’t supposed to enjoy those things?

But this post isn’t about my spiritual beliefs so let me turn the corner right here before I get off on a tangent… This post is about some of the sacred things I love. This morning, after taking my son to school, I returned home and entered the Art Journal Love Studio to open and hold space for today’s creativity. After creating sacred space for creativity, I set up another altar in the Studio — this makes 3. It’s just a small altar on my desk that can easily be changed as new things become sacred to me or as I decide on new things to add or replace other things on the altar:

This little altar brings me so much joy! It has a tiny statue of Buddha, a tea light candle in the middle, and the rest are simply healing crystals that called to me to be part of this altar today. Some of the crystals I have here include:

  • An inner circle of moonstone closes to the tea light.
  • An outer circle of crystals that include Dioptase, Malachite, Shungite, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz.
  • The Clear Quartz is meant to super charge all of the items on the altar.

This altar called to be created. My intention was to come down and do art. That will also happen. But this altar wanted to be created before any art got made. I am sure that my participation in Effy Wild’s Moonshine class has helped me to recognize what I was yearning to create this morning. It wasn’t a page in an art journal — not just yet. It was the call to create this sacred space with theseĀ things that are sacred to me.


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  1. I love that you did a post on sacred objects! Such a neat thing to review. And I totally understand your intuition telling you to create sacred space and that altar. How gorgeous. I’m glad it brings you joy. xo

  2. Oh my kindred sister, I feel like I know where you were going to go on that tanget. My mind started to go down that road as I was reading your words. You are right in that is a whole post of its own LOL!
    I too was raised in the RC church, 9 years of catholic school, all the sacraments there in (Okay most, I wasn’t married in church nor have I ever received last rites). Even though I walked away for the last time about 12 years ago, I still find the Rosary to be sacred to me. I’m sure it has a lot to do with how much it was treasured by my Grandma and how sacred it was to her. I find many of the medals to be sacred to me too, like St. Dymphna and The Miraculous Medal. I recall her saying they had to be blessed by a priest to make them holy. I think I miss the mysticism of the RC church, with the incense and incantations (prayers).
    Your post speaks to me so much. I’ve wanted to create a little altar for my desk, maybe terranium like so my cats don’t decide to play with things šŸ˜€
    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your sacred space <3

    1. Lisa! That’s a whole ‘nother BOOK of it’s own!!! LOL I beat you — 13 years of Catholic School, nursery school through graduation from FOUR YEARS OF ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL. ‘Nuff said… I received them all except last rites. But then I got divorced. Twice… Again — ’nuff said! I love the Rosary but have exchanged them for mala beads to pray with. I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful to that tradition by praying something other then the Rosary on rosary beads… Yes! The mysticism is most definitely missed, probably why I’m on the spiritual path I am currently on. I hope you share your new desk altar with me! I would love to see pics!! Thank you for being one of my loyal blog readers!

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