Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!

I came down into the Art Journal Love Studio late this morning to create some pages in my art journal. I also have an inkling to make an Effydori, but I am trying to talk myself out of it. LOL I still have almost an entire BOD journal to fill! Plus I have my Moonshine journal and I’ve stumbled across a beautiful way to keep an artsy gratitude journal on Pinterest that I am going to start doing. (I already keep a Daily Gratitude Journal. But it is strictly a written journal…)

So, I come into the Studio and begin my routine:

  • Setup my laptop so I can watch videos while I’m arting.
  • Open up the blinds so I can gaze out of the window while I’m arting.
  • Light candles, burn incense, create sacred space.
  • Then I create!

Well, this morning when I pulled the blinds up, I saw the same things I saw every morning. Dead leaves all over the backyard and inside the window (the screen is missing). I didn’t think twice about it until I started hearing some rustling outside the window. Initially I didn’t even pay attention to the rustling until I noticed it was frequent — more frequent then the wind was blowing.

My next thought was, “Oh shit. What woodland creature has made a nest in my window?” I have a flower box outside of that window I was just thinking about turning into a butterfly garden. But then I saw what creature had decided to make the window home. A little birdy! Two of them actually. I witnessed them bringing sticks and twigs and decking out the nest.

From my view, the nest is just a ball of dead leaves and sticks that needs to be cleaned out of the window.




But if you go up to it and look, you can see the “tunnel” through the rubbage where they have made a nest.



I had an opportunity to record a little video of the pair as they prepared their nest. After a little while, I didn’t see them anymore. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see them for the rest of the day. I do hope they come back and haven’t abandoned the nest now that I’ve pulled the blinds up and they can see all kinds of movement and activity inside. That will put a damper on my desire to build a butterfly garden in the flower box below the nest — I wouldn’t do it if I know they are coming back because I wouldn’t want to scare them away. But I wouldn’t mind watching these two little birds build their nest and “raise” their family either!

Here’s the video I was able to capture of the pair as they were building:

10 Replies to “Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!”

  1. They look like the ones we have here that come to the feeder. We have a lot of them. They look like what my friend calls Juncos. To me, it’s a sparrow. Same family perhaps.

    I think they will stick around, the ones here don’t seem to bothered by us when we move around in the kitchen. Hope they stay for you.

    1. I came down this morning and heard them rustling around before I pulled the blinds up. I think they are here to stay! Thanks for naming them for me. Now I need to look them up and read up about them. I’d like to know the family living outside my window!

  2. What a great surprise to find outside your window. I’m so glad they came back.
    I love the idea of a gratitude journal on Pinterest. I would love to hear how to do that if you don’t mind sharing ❤️

  3. What fun to watch! Nests and birds!

    Yes I would like to learn how you make a Gratitude Journal on Pinterest too. That sounds fun.

    Does anyone blog each day on there too? Hmm

    1. I would imagine people use Pinterest as their daily blog. I am almost certain of it. Life delayed the Gratitude Journal kickoff, but I has a date! JUNE 1st!!! Look for a post about it soon!!

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