Laughing At Myself…

I’m supposed to be in the Studio arting out the last hour of time I have before I need to take a shower and get ready to go out. It’s #DateNight and me and the hubster are going to Snaps & Laughs, an open mic featuring both comedy and poetry. It’s held at one of the local restaurants, so we will be able to get dinner as well.

But what I’m laughing at is me stalking the UPS man instead of creating art! LOL I placed an order from Amazon earlier today and the UPS man is currently

If you can’t see the tiny text at the bottom, it is kind of blurry, it says that the driver is currently 4 stops away! So yeah…I’ve been stalking the UPS man instead of creating art. The reason I have been stalking him is because

He has my art supplies!

Obviously not everything I need and actually not anything I need right this moment but he has a new art kit that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I have never done this project before. In fact, I never even heard of this type of art until a couple of days ago when I was in one of the FB groups I’m in and someone mentioned it. Of course I had to run and go look it up and of course I fell in love. And of course I bought myself a kit…

Bunch of enablers! LOL

I am purposely being kind of vague about what art kit/art supplies I am waiting on. I am doing so in order to have something to blog about tomorrow! LOL Honestly, I just wanted to do a full blog post on the item itself and my thoughts on it, so I will save that for tomorrow or another day. Until then, I will continue to stalk the UPS man…

He’s now only 3 stops away!!! LOL LOL LOL

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  1. You stalker! Lol. I know exactly that feeling. I have art supplies coming in today. Three Daniel smith colors. I’m super excited. I won’t stalk because I know they show up at my house right around 3. Which is a really long time away….

  2. Lol, I have been doing the same checking up on a bag I ordered this week. Art supplies are much more exciting though!

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