Who! Who!

Yes — Who! as an exclamation and not a question…

It’s because I’m talking about owls and not asking any questions! And the owl I am talking about today is this beauty right here:

It is what is called a “diamond painting” kit and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Until late last week I never knew such a thing existed…

Diamond painting kits consists of these tiny crystals that you adhere to the painting. It is sort of “paint-by-numbers” without the paint! And it’s also sort of cross-stitch as well. But what it is touted to be is meditative. HIGHLY meditative. And that’s what I’m looking for — something that I can do at the end of the night that will not awaken me, but rather calm and relax me.

Without reading all of the benefits of completing a project like this, I already knew it had the benefits of meditation. It’s the same with knitting. The repetitive motion and the focus on counting in the case of knitting, and matching numbers/colors in the case of the diamond painting sort of preclude it to be meditative. And I absolutely found that to be the case as I plunged right in when I arrived home after midnight from #DateNight.

At first, I looked at those microscopic crystals and said to my Self, “ummm… I don’t know about this. They are awfully tiny…” But I had spent the money and I was still excited so I busted open one of the bags of crystals and dove right in. An hour later, I had a good little corner of the “painting” done. Not a lot — my husband was too busy jone-ing me talking about my project was tedious. So we were bantering back-and-forth about tedious vs meditative and giggling. I could have gotten more done, but I did enough to know that the kit is perfect.

I am looking forward to finishing this one and ordering the next. It’s a full drill kit, meaning that I will fill the entire picture with the “diamonds”. Those that aren’t full drill contain portions of the picture that will not have the diamonds applied. I don’t think I would like that look very much… Amazon had a good selection to choose from. If you click the picture above you will be taken to Amazon’s offer on that kit (please remember, I use affiliate links). Here are some others that I will probably get for my Self once this one is done:

6 Replies to “Who! Who!”

  1. OH! I’ve never heard of these. I like the look of the moon one and the cherry blossom looking one. Heck they’re all pretty. I’ll have to check the link and see what all they have.

  2. Oh! Gorgeous! I can imagine it is meditative and relaxing. Fun to read about the good-natured banter with your husband. That could indeed be a very fine line—tedious and meditative! Have fun with it.

    1. Thanks Sue! I am having a blast and just about done. I had to put it down to finish another project that needed tending… But I’m back in the saddle now! LOL

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