MAD: Making Art Daily Launch

I have been MIA from my blog for about a month now. I do apologize… However, I was in the throes of finalizing the plans for the launch of MAD: Making Art Daily. MAD is my new and soul heART offering (mis-use of proper “sole” intended — – interpret the meaning of what is being said using “soul”…). One borne out of many months of planning. One which became my focus when I moved the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery from its own building into the second floor space of Breaking Bread

It was time to focus on what everyone had been calling on me to do.

I found myself being pulled in many different directions attempting to serve the needs of the individuals who were calling on me. Somehow, there was never a time, day, or location that would accommodate all who were asking for what I was offering: art + words as a tool for healing and expanding Self. So I found myself doing this class for this person on this day, and that class for someone else on another day, and creating an online classroom for those who just couldn’t find the time to come to class in person. Finally I had had enough!

I was burning myself out and not being very productive. I was too scattered and unable to focus on what it was that Me, Myself, and I wanted to offer because I was too busy trying to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Until I realized that I can’t do that… I cannot tailor make classes nor my time to fit the needs of every individual that is sent to cross my path and seek the gifts that have been given me by the Divine. And that’s when I decided to pull back, cease all offerings, and put together one online offering that is available to all. Being online means it also fits everyone’s schedule — at your own pace, when and if you want to sign in.

That is when MAD: Making Art Daily was born…

Art allows us to process and release that which no longer serves us — all in one fell swoop. Art journaling allows us to do both written and visual journaling, which aides the processing and releasing of what has gone on with you that day. MAD arting combines the best of all of that, and doing so daily ensures that we process, release, and expand daily. We provide for our exponential growth because we no longer linger on what no longer serves us. We live in the Present, in that moment in time, and allow the moment to pass when it has finished running its course in our lives.

We remember the lessons and the goodness. We let go of the of the pain and the things that no longer serve us. We forgive and we expand.

And that is what MAD: Making Art Daily is all about: using daily art + words to expand and Become who we are. Some wise person said “I let go of who I am for who I Am Becoming…”. That is the mantra of my daily life! Daily I strive to lose who “I am” to make space for who I am Becoming — the person that the Divine wants me to be; the person walking my path with purpose… I am not the sum of my thoughts. If I were, I would probably be in pretty bad shape. Most of us do not have the best thoughts of ourselves. Even those who do still have “flaws” that they battle to overcome within themselves.

That being said, I have setup a Patreon site to host MAD: Making Art Daily. By hosting on Patreon, I am able to also seamlessly offer a “payment plan” — payments are made monthly rather than a lump sum payment at the start of the class. But what is even better about hosting MAD: Making Art Daily on Patreon is that I am able to offer tiers which allow anyone in any economic situation the ability to join me. The lowest tier is just $2 a month — that’s just $24 for the entire YEAR. The highest tier is only $10 a month, which includes added benefits for the additional support.

Included with the higher tiers of MAD: Making Art Daily, is a detailed video on creating a Wysdom Wrap Journal. This is a unique journal with a cover that wraps around the journal and creates an archivable “box” around the pages of the journal. Why would you want a “box” around your journal? Because the Wysdom Wrap Journal is designed to contained 365 pages — enough for one page of art journaling each and every day of the year. Once the journal has been filled throughout the year, it can be closed and placed on a shelf or in another box for storage. The journal is, in itself, its own storage box…

If you hop over to the MAD: Making Art Daily Patreon website, you will be able to read full details on what is being offered. I won’t bore you with repeating them here… You will receive a lot of instruction in using art + words as a tool for release, expansion, and giving gratitude. As a patron, you will have my undying gratitude for your support. As a retiree, there is a need to have a certain level of income to maintain the simple things of life: food, water, clothing, and shelter. My Patreon website is one of those means.

Yesterday’s New Moon was also the day I launched MAD: Making Art Daily. I purposely didn’t make a lot of noise or have a lot of fanfare with its launch. I wanted to launch to be gentle — to both myself and my patrons. There are too many people out there with “in your face” advertisements of their classes and offerings. I don’t want to be one of those people who are in your face with “look at me! look at me!” I would much rather build my following organically and without high pressure sales tactics. 

I don’t want to take advantage of you by urging you to “buy on an impulse.” I fall victim to those sales tactics day-in-and-day-out myself. But now I have learned to take a step back before I finalize my order and ask myself if this is something I really need or want, or is it just something shiny being dangled in front of me for that impulse buy? Not everything on the MAD: Making Art Daily is paid content. There will be many many posts that are free and open to the public — patron and non-patron alike.

But the paid content is where the juiciness is.

It is the paid content that will allow me to keep my lights on as a retiree, and therefore it is the paid content that will be the juiciest. You won’t even have to dig too deep to become a paid patron. Just $2 a month is all you need, more if you desire more benefits… This is about as much “pressure” as you will get from me to join me on this journey.

Whether you decide to become a patron or not, I hope you at least join me on my Patreon website. I will be sharing a lot there and I am claiming a thriving community to boot. That’s another benefit of Patreon. It has a built in community feature where my visitors and patrons are able to post and share right on the classroom website! If you didn’t click on one of the links within this post to get there, then you can get there by clicking on the link on the menu bar above.

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