New Weekly Journal Prompts!

Starting next Sunday, May 27th, I will be offering free weekly journal prompts to help you get creative in your journal!

Sometimes it’s hard to get going in our journals. Long and stressful day or simply just nothing comes when we open to a blank page. I work in my journal every day and I have days where there is just nothing there to come onto the page and I need some help. Luckily, I am taking a few mixed media and painting classes so I can go there for inspiration. I often also surf YouTube to get the creative juices flowing.

Another tool I like to use are Journal Prompts. I have used them on and off throughout my time creating mixed media pages and they can be really helpful. I used to surf for prompts and utilize what I found online. Now I have gotten to the point where I create my own journal prompts, often drawn from what I am processing for myself in that moment.

As I recorded my journal prompts and the associated artwork that came forth, I realized that I could share these juicy tidbits of inspiration with all of you. And with that, Wysdom’s Weekly Words was born! This is simply a weekly journal prompt, offered by me. I will not be sending these out via e-mail — we all get enough “stuff” in our inboxes… However, they are freely available to you on the MAD: Making Art Daily website.

Short and sweet but packing a powerful self-empowerment punch, these journal prompts are designed to spark your imagination and get you into your journal. Through words, image, or a combination, let’s get in our journals and Art. It. Out. Designed to spark creativity and empower you to be the best You that you can be!

Join us, starting May 27th!

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