Wysdom’s heARTworks is a website about my art and writing and whatever may come up for me in this train ride called Life…

I am a mixed media artist and published author. I have a host of various certifications including Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Certified Intentional Creativity Coach. However, my art and writing come from my heart and the yearnings of my heART birthed Wysdom’s heARTworks.

Altered Box
Altered Box

What you will find here are my musings, my dreams, my desires. I will share my art and my writings, my creative process. I will smile; I will cry; I will dance; I will sing… But most of all — I. Will. Be. And I will be me, authentically.

So hop on board and enjoy the ride. There will be space for you to share a bit of you too. It’s no fun if I’m the only one yacking! And this is a safe space where there is no judgement. I love and accept you for who and what you are right now in this moment when you cross my threshold and in the years to come.

You are loved. Just. As. You. Are.

And this space has been created with the intention to be free to share Self as I choose to show up in this world and allow you the space to do so too.