It’s been a little quiet in the Boutique for quite some time now…

It isn’t that I am not making items to stock the shelves — I am. By all means, I am! It gets done automatically because it’s a passion of mine to create. So yes, there’s always new stuff for the Boutique’s shelves. But I have turned my eyes away from stocking virtual shelves because it was time to birth the new line of products that have been burgeoning for quite a while. Continue reading “Shhhh…”

DIY Hairspray

I was up and out early this morning — my doggie is not well. She came scampering in my bedroom this morning, not using her back legs. Then she wouldn’t let my husband touch her back legs. Almost as if she’d been hit by a car. We know that’s not the case — she doesn’t go outside without us. Khalid walked the house and nothing was out of place. She didn’t get into any trash or anything that could harm her.

So off to the Pet E.R. we went! Everything so far has come back normal — neurological tests, physical exam, blood work… The only thing abnormal so far Continue reading “DIY Hairspray”

April Was Not Good To Me…

At the very end of April, a very sad thing happened in my life. I am not yet ready to share what that is…

But I wanted to share that the end of April was pretty tumultuous for me and it culminated in a terrible event. That made much of May, which is almost gone now, just a time for me to “maintain”. Not able to go forward. Never willing to go backward! All I could do was maintain.

And my blog suffered. Continue reading “April Was Not Good To Me…”

MAD: Making Art Daily Launch

I have been MIA from my blog for about a month now. I do apologize… However, I was in the throes of finalizing the plans for the launch of MAD: Making Art Daily. MAD is my new and soul heART offering (mis-use of proper “sole” intended — – interpret the meaning of what is being said using “soul”…). One borne out of many months of planning. One which became my focus when I moved the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery from its own building into the second floor space of Breaking Bread

It was time to focus on what everyone had been calling on me to do. Continue reading “MAD: Making Art Daily Launch”

Who! Who!

Yes — Who! as an exclamation and not a question…

It’s because I’m talking about owls and not asking any questions! And the owl I am talking about today is this beauty right here:

It is what is called a “diamond painting” kit and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Until late last week I never knew such a thing existed… Continue reading “Who! Who!”

Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!

I came down into the Art Journal Love Studio late this morning to create some pages in my art journal. I also have an inkling to make an Effydori, but I am trying to talk myself out of it. LOL I still have almost an entire BOD journal to fill! Plus I have my Moonshine journal and I’ve stumbled across a beautiful way to keep an artsy gratitude journal on Pinterest that I am going to start doing. (I already keep a Daily Gratitude Journal. But it is strictly a written journal…) Continue reading “Bird’s Nest Outside My Window!”

Sacred Things

I find peace in things that I find sacred…

And I’ve also found new meaning in the word “sacred”. I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. There are lots of sacred trinkets and amulets in that tradition (although I thought amulets were a no-no, but that’s a discussion for another post). But what I have discovered now that I am a lot older are that sacred things are not necessarily religious things. I was formerly brought to believe that from my upbringing — it had to be consecrated by a priest or said to be sacred by a religious leader in order for it to be sacred.

NOT! Continue reading “Sacred Things”