DIY Hairspray

I was up and out early this morning — my doggie is not well. She came scampering in my bedroom this morning, not using her back legs. Then she wouldn’t let my husband touch her back legs. Almost as if she’d been hit by a car. We know that’s not the case — she doesn’t go outside without us. Khalid walked the house and nothing was out of place. She didn’t get into any trash or anything that could harm her.

So off to the Pet E.R. we went! Everything so far has come back normal — neurological tests, physical exam, blood work… The only thing abnormal so far Continue reading “DIY Hairspray”

April Was Not Good To Me…

At the very end of April, a very sad thing happened in my life. I am not yet ready to share what that is…

But I wanted to share that the end of April was pretty tumultuous for me and it culminated in a terrible event. That made much of May, which is almost gone now, just a time for me to “maintain”. Not able to go forward. Never willing to go backward! All I could do was maintain.

And my blog suffered. Continue reading “April Was Not Good To Me…”

MAD: Making Art Daily Launch

I have been MIA from my blog for about a month now. I do apologize… However, I was in the throes of finalizing the plans for the launch of MAD: Making Art Daily. MAD is my new and soul heART offering (mis-use of proper “sole” intended — – interpret the meaning of what is being said using “soul”…). One borne out of many months of planning. One which became my focus when I moved the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery from its own building into the second floor space of Breaking Bread

It was time to focus on what everyone had been calling on me to do. Continue reading “MAD: Making Art Daily Launch”

Untitled Poem

Alchemical ART afoot, alighting

Branches benign before burgeoning blossoms

Cascade. Crawling, creeping, curving curiously…

Descending down deep.

Enticing, entwining, enchanting. Evoking

Fear. Firmly fighting for freedom,

Giving gratitude. Garnering greatness.

Having held honesty hostage, honor




Letting life lead, Love

Magnifies most meaningful messages.

Needing no nonsense nor

Offering outcomes opposite of

Positive. Placing



Sisters strongly

Transforming, totally

United under

Visionary vibrations venturing

Within walls




ART (My Muse) is afoot, awakening me. Allowing me to blossom, fall gracefully, move stealthily… Going deep within Self and stirring up FEAR: Face Everything And RISE. My daily gratitude practice allows me to become great. By not creating in 2 years — holding my truth hostage — I learned to be kinder to Self by honoring my gift and beginning to create again. I let life lead instead of Love, which magnifies my truth even more so. ART doesn’t need distractions and doesn’t offer any outcome other than beauty and positivity. Here (The Red Madonna), with my sisters, where we are all strongly entrenched in the business of Self transformation through healing, we are united through our visionary vibrations and the feast at Wisdom’s table (“Within walls”) — a sacred space where men as strong as Xerxes and his army yearn with zeal to be within the protection of. Ase.

This wrote itself. I merely picked up the pen as Divinely guided. The portal has been made ready…

From Shadow to Light: Cycling and Transforming

I cried like a baby the other day when I saw this post on Facebook from my cousin Valerie:

My blog post from last week explains what she means by “…as you reflect an[d] get your new art space ready.” If you missed it, basically I am reclaiming the Art Journal Love Studio. It has been neglected for 2 years and I haven’t really been creating any art. A burst of creative fun every now and then, but not really creating art daily like I normally do. Continue reading “From Shadow to Light: Cycling and Transforming”

[Gratitude] 2018 Gratitude Journal Kickoff

The end of the year is drawing near which means that the beginning of a new year of gratitude giving is upon us…

We kick off our 2018 Gratitude Journal Workshop on January 1, 2018 — a week from Christmas Day tomorrow! This is a free workshop right here on this website, in the Wysdom’s Web Community section. You must be a registered member of Wysdom’s Web to join, but registration is also free. Continue reading “[Gratitude] 2018 Gratitude Journal Kickoff”

Something Is Missing, Isn’t It???

Yep: The original blog that was at this address…

I don’t know what it is about me and this website, but this is at least the THIRD time I have had to rebuild it. First my experience with Dreamhost was less than pleasant and I had to build my site then rebuild it on the Dreamhost website. Their customer service was less than exceptional with slow response. So, I moved my site to Amazon Web Services (AWS). LOVED it! But it meant not only rebuilding my site (again), but learning a new platform.

I was up for the challenge!

Rebuilt my website for the third time on AWS. Chugging right along, everything’s lovely. I finally get all the tweaks and widgets and sidebars set just like the original site. She was up and running well for over a month and then WHAM! Something happened… Something with AWS. And I know that it looks like I am the “common denominator”, but really this is an AWS problem and not a me problem.

I mean — my DNS records, my server instance, my server Snapshots are all gone! Nothing I could have done to my website while working on it would cause all of these things to magically disappear. I am the one who set all of it up. I am the one who had 3 backups (Snapshots) of my server — one 5 days after I built it, one 25 days after that, and one 22 days after that. It’s called always keep a copy of your shit and backup at minimum every 30 days… Best Practices and all, ya know? And I also keep getting kicked out of my AWS dashboard within 45 seconds of logging in.

Nothing I did to my website is going to alter my access to my AWS account. That account doesn’t reside on my website server so if I totally destroyed my server, my AWS account shouldn’t be affected. Think about it: I had an AWS account that I logged into in order to create the server for the website. Why can I not stay logged in to my AWS account now??? Changes to my website’s server would not affect my account access so it’s not me y’all!

Clearly AWS is having a rather large hiccup…

Being in the I.T. field for over 30 years, I know these things happen. I will go to work later today and face similar problems for the firm for which I work. But I can’t have my website down. Not even for one day while AWS figures out what the heck they did to cause my entire site to go to hell. So — I rebuilt it…


Time number four here… Each time a few new changes are made. Each time a few more improvements are made. Each time I learn a little more about WordPress! LOL When I moved the site to AWS, I created an export file and then imported it to the new webhost/web server. However, I also decided that I would not take down the Dreamhost site, not yet. My intuition told me that I should keep it as a “mirror” site, even if I didn’t keep the blogging updated and make it an exact replica. If all I had was the “bones” — the plugins I used, the information to quickly setup eCommerce on the new again website, the lesson outline(s) for my class(es) — then I would have the key ingredients to rebuild again Goddess-forbid.

And my intuition was yet again SPOT ON!

You are reading this blog post from a brand new installation of WordPress, on a brand new non-AWS host, and I was able to rebuild it more quickly because my “mirror” site was still up and running! I simply logged in to the very first website I built on Dreamhost and recreated the settings on the new site. The “something that’s missing” is obviously all the old blog posts and comments. And I’m really sad about that… But I refuse to let the “ghost in the machine” come out the winner of this.

Like I said, I’ve learned a thing or two over the course of this exercise in how many times I can rebuild my website in a day… I didn’t do an export/import because the last time I did that it gave me hell with my SSL Certificate that I never resolved, making it a scary thing to go to the checkout page of the Boutique. You received a huge “Not Safe!” warning directing you to “go back to safety.” The problem was that the SSL Certificate was installed and in place even though the browser thought it wasn’t. I avoided that this time by NOT doing an import! I also learned about a plugin I was not using that is a huge help for a plugin that I am using heavily. This time, I will install the helper plugin too.

All-in-all, I am still having an AMAZING blogging/website experience. My WordPress skills sure are A+ at this point! LOL I refuse to let this get me down. There is so much more important stuff in life to worry about, like my teenage sons…

Today I am grateful for the knowledge and skill to rebuild my website at will (and also not so much at my will, but at the will of other forces). Ase’!!!