Wysdom on Patreon

As a full-time artist and creator, I need a means to be able to make my offerings available to the widest possible audience. Although my blog here is pretty popular — the statistics I get work for me, there still is a large amount of work that must be done to get people to visit me here. And all of this “marketing and promotion” is done solely by me, the blog owner.

That being said, I needed a way to help get the word out about my offerings. Patreon is a means for me to do just that. It is a creator network, with many patrons who visit daily to view the latest offerings and search for what they seek. I have decided to host my paid offerings on that platform, which enables me to market to a wider audience while still providing the bells and whistles of a “classroom” that I would desire in an online format.

If you are looking for my art journal and mixed media class offerings, please visit me on my Patreon website: